11 Super Healthy Habits That Appear to Be Harmful

11 Super Healthy Habits That Appear to Be Harmful

We often take the bait of marketing specialists or incompetent advisers when trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We get used to many “useful” habits, which, in fact, appear to be absolutely useless.

MUMY BEAR decided to find out which healthy habits not only fail to give any results but may also harm us.

11. Rinsing your mouth with water

In order to preserve the positive effect of brushing your teeth, rinse your mouth with special alcohol-free solutions.

10. Treadmill workout

In order to avoid this, it is recommended to add some muscle-strengthening exercisesto your treadmill workouts. This will help you not only to lose weight but also to keep your muscles fit.

9. Siesta

Together with that, long periods of sleep affect memory and brain functioning.

8. Hand sanitizers

According to scientists, regular soap is just as good for daily use as an antibacterial one.

7. Regular medical examinations

The principles of clinical examination say that it’s better for patients to be examined according to their age group and the diseases common to those ages.

6. Taking vitamins

Thanks to commercials, we know that vitamins are essential to our body and that their absence may cause unfavorable reactions. But we don’t know that taking vitamins can be dangerous in some cases.

Scientists found out that those who take vitamins and have some bad habits suffer from serious diseases up to 46% more than those who don’t take vitamins. That’s why you should always consult your doctor before you start taking vitamins.

5. Diet drinks

According to scientists, drinking even one can of diet soda a day may eventually cause heart disease, a rise in blood pressure, and weight gain.

4. Weight loss tendency

A thin person has a higher chance of catching a cold during the winter season. In addition, according to the results of more than a hundred research projects, thin people have the same death risks ratio as people with some extra weight.

3. Cleaning every day

Household cleaning agents contain a lot of chemical ingredients that may cause eye irritations, headaches, and respiratory diseases.

2. Wearing flip-flops for a “feet vacation”

Many people think that wearing light and open flip-flops gives us a rest from our everyday footwear. However, scientists from the National Foot Health Institute are ready to explodethis myth.

According to the specialists, flip-flops do not provide the necessary foot support when walking on some solid surfaces. It is healthy to wear this type of footwear only when walking on sand or grass.

1. Drinking a lot of water

We’ve all heard that we should drink a lot of water: at least 8 glasses a day. There’s no doubt that water is essential for normal body functions — but only if you don’t take it too far.

Some studies show that drinking too much water can cause kidney problems and brain swelling. Together with that, drinking too much water can lower the level of electrolytes in your body, causing a serious condition called hyponatremia.