21 Weird Inventions for Women You’d Hardly Believe Exist

21. LED eyelash covers to stand out from the crowd.

19. Anti-wrinkle bandage.

 18. A device for beautiful eyelids.

15. A device to improve the shape of your nose.

14. Stickers for those who can’t use lipstick.

13. And if your laziness has won, here’s a false face.

12. When you can’t leave your pet behind for a moment.

11. A nail dryer.

10. Clippers that will save you time.

9. Combine walking around the house and cleaning.

8. Do some sports while walking your baby.

7. And wash your clothes at the same time with this portable washing machine.

6. Use this napkin when eating, and nothing will spoil your smile.

5. Keep your feet dry.

4. And not only your feet.

2. Wine Rack Bra. The name says everything.

1. If you don’t feel like taking your handbag with you.